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Alvin, Texas, Week 56: October 12, 2015 -October 18, 2015

Week 56

Monday, October 19, 2015

So big news is that both Elder Glover and I will be staying! I'll be in Alvin a total of 8 months at the end of this next one. Thats crazy. Feel like I'm from here now haha. I think we're staying because the Tylers are getting real close to baptism. They are such a miracle to us. So this week we had the Tyler family in church for our investigators. So thats a total of 5 plus their little girl, Bella, which doesn't count. She's adorable though and she actually put a sticker of her school picture in my planner so i got a memory. But yes!! the Dad is way on board with the church now. He came for the first time yesterday and loves when we come over. He wants to be baptized on the 14th of November. I think the rest of the family will also make that date. We're gonna talk to them about it. we got to do quite a bit of yard work with them this weekend and they came to our ward movie night after!!! So good. I love them to death. We don't have the 'regulars' anymore. They aren't in contact. We will keep trying and see what happens. I think Eric Brader has been in hospital or something crazy.

Oh... i guess it would be cool to tell you that i sang again in church because I thought I would be leaving. I sang Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing with Elder Grondel. And, my Alvin bestfriend/grandma, Sis Holbrook, played piano. She got sad about transfers but will be happy I'm staying. You will have to meet her.She is super cool. She really is amazing and so good to us. We sounded awesome I thought and apparently everyone liked it. I got emotional like halfway through and could hardly sing!! It was so sweet. Powerful powerful song. Look it up. Its all about consecrating our hearts to the Savior.

Turns out ill be having Halloween and Thanksgiving here. Probably be spending both with the Tylers and Bishop. So that'll be awesome. Looooovvveeee Alvin. Just like the Moab quote... " My heart cries out for Alvin"  Such a unique town and I know so much about it now! You will love seeing it. We had a very good week. Great progress with certain people and even got to find some new investigators, I'll keep you posted. Oh, its super funny, both my companion and I have been feeling like all lovey dovey in a brother and sister way.  So every time we talk to people,  we just want to hug them haha. I was worried about it and then he brought up that he felt that way and I was like dang!! me too. So I guess it just means were comfortable here and people are awesome.

Love you,

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