Friday, November 21, 2014

League City, Week 8: 11/10/14 - 11/16/14

Monday, November 17, 2014

Man this has been the best week of my mission, honestly. The Spirit is so strong and I’m able to make the most of it. Companion and i are gettin along, so that’s a hoot. And, plenty of food. . Yeah, I’m eating enough. I went shopping this morning and got all my good stuff. We’re fine at home plus members are still feeding us.

My first baptism, with Ashley, will now be on Nov. 29th.  She’s doing really good.  She just needs to keep working on the word of wisdom, but her faith is totally there. Makes me so happy. We taught her in the chapel a couple days ago. We got 7 new investigators this week! Imagine that... it’s because we exercise faith, obedience and we fast every Sunday to find more of God’s children. Prayer and fasting works, i promise. We found a family on the bay, two sisters came to church, and we just helped an old black lady one day and now we teach her. So, its fun to have people to teach. Our apartment has the most in the zone.

We went to the temple this week. That’s two times in two weeks! We went as a district this time and got a ride from an old Scottish sister who's super funny. One elder, sitting by me, got carsick and puked on the way. That made me relate to him and feel lucky i wasn’t sick. But, we played monopoly that night before so that’s probably why he was feeling nasty. The temple was fun. I haven’t fallen asleep in the endowment unlike other elders. We ate out after. It was good.

So, transfer calls were this morning... jklsdghkoedodogvbnaoipv!!!!!!    I’m safe though. No one in my apartment is going anywhere, that’s a relief. Companion and i are staying together and in our area, so we’re happy. I get a new DL (district Leader ) though, so that’s sad. I’ll miss the old one. We were pretty good friends.

It’s gettin really cold here. Haven’t seen the sun in a week. It’s been cold and rainy for days. But, my hands? C’mon. they’re not that bad. I’m fine. My coat is good and the car and going into houses warms ‘em up. . And.  plenty of food. . Yeah, I’m eating enough. Went shopping this morning and got all my good stuff. We’re fine at home plus members are still feeding us, so I’m eating well. And i made pancakes that you sent mix for. I’m working out more. Kind of got off track because we were busy, but last couple days I’ve been on it. Elder Ve'e and i are gonna make a workout plan and be more serious about it instead of just a "wake up workout".  No worries.

Love ya tons,

Elder Janz

Houston Temple
Elder Deans with his compadres at the Houston Temple

To their dismay, Janzen's got 500 dollars
A very serious game of Monopoly

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