Wednesday, October 8, 2014

MTC, Week 2: The first full week 09/29/14 - 10/05/14

October 1, 2014

Hey momma!                                                                                                                     

Glad youre doing so well. I think about you guys and pray for you. I hope you can feel of the blessings our Father sends our way. Im doing so well. safe, healthy, feeling the spirit, learning beyond measure, and getting along with tons of nice people in my branch. The district is mostly Sacramento missionaries but three of us are going to Houston. My companion and another in my apartment are the Houston called. Ive tried so hard to be selfless. My companion has been hurt twice now, we went to the ER down the street the other day because he fell down the stairs. hes okay. just major bruising. the second injury came a couple days ago when he was doing a hand stand push up with another elders help. He fell on his privates and his chest and got the air knocked out of him and serious pain. He has received blessings for both injuries. I gave the one after the push up injury, powerful experience. The priesthood is real. And yes, i got your dear elder. I hope you get my letter today. i wrote one. I leave the MTC  at 2:30 in the morning on Tuesday. The flight is at 6:00 and i can call around 5:00. Im doing swell, learning so much and teaching so much! I have a "maybe" on a baptism with an actor,  pretty sweet.

Elder Janz

Hey Father ;)

Things are going well. Did you get my letter? I sent it about two days ago. I need plastic sandals, over the top of foot kind. We all have bad gas. its nuts. were not even eating the fibery stuff. So, at night its a symphony of farts and snoring. There are 6 elders in the apartment, three going to Houston and three goin to Sacramento. But things are great. Time is speeding up again. We're gettin to know the whole branch very well, really cool dudes and sisters here too. I miss the TV and chilling at home with you guys, not too much though. My district is mostly Sacramento missionaries with three Houston missionaries. There's a sister in the neighboring district that has the same call as me. As you hopefully heard, I'm the senior companion in my district. so whenever my companion, who is the leader, is away at meeting or not doing so well leading, i take charge and shape up all the elders. We're a strong district. Our district shows what friendship is all about. I believe my Heavenly Father gives us people in our lives for a reason. But i also got called to be the travel leader for when we depart. We leave at 2:30 in the morning on Tuesday. So basically Monday is our last day cuz we wont sleep we'll just pack,clean and go. Ill call at the airport around 5:00 am. Early,i know, but the plane leaves at 6:00. Happy p day to me! Going to the temple later, should be sweet.

Elder Janz

Notice Received in the Mail on Wed 10/01/14

I'll be singing this weekend. We've been admitted and practice started on Friday.

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