Wednesday, October 8, 2014

MTC, Week 1: The First few days 09/24/14 - 09/28/14

September 26, 2014

I am alive and safe. They wanted me to say that haha :) but i am doing great. The latest we can get up is 6:30 but we got up early yesterday and ran. This morning we showered at 6. My companion is Elder Walker. He is bomb. He is easy to talk to, friendly, sharp. He got called last night to be district leader and i was called to be the senior companion in our district. Our district is 4 companionships.I love em. Theyre all so fun, spiritual and on task. We bonded like crazy the first day. Time is a strange thing here. It only goes by fast the first few minutes you’re dropped off then it goes by waaayyyy slow. But its a good thing, lots to do and ponder about. Food is scrumptious. I had steak the first night and last night i had wings and fries. I’m writing in my journal every night. I got everything you have sent.I have found some stuff in the apartment that the elders before us left. We found a red teddy bear in one socket. We also found some paddles and ball in the drawers. P-day will be next Wednesday so my district only gets one before we leave, whatever! I’ve met my branch president and had that meeting where we all got our callings. We're learning so much and sometimes i just smile because I’m in awe and taken back by the experience. I’ve gotta go. Ill talk soon! Love you guys. 

Here is Janz with one of his roomies at the MTC. Unfortunately, he neglected to give us his name.

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