Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pearland Texas, Week 82: April 11, 2016 - April 17, 2016

April 18, 2016

We had a fantastic week!! I'm loving the new changes!!! It's always so exciting to get a clean slate and just be humble and learn again. My new apartment is so big! you walk in and on the left is the kitchen and straight forward is the family room and then our study central. Again I'm able to do laundry at home, so that saves tons of money. We even have an "Open" sign in our bathroom that lights up and we turn it on when we wake up haha. This is my second nicest apartment next to the Alvin one. My companion, Elder Haslauer, is a character. We're having fun. He's from all over the place, but last lived in Bakersfield, California. He's a year younger than me and has been out on the mission 9 months. Its just us two in the apartment and we just drive a car in this area.

We have some really cool investigators. Austin is our most solid. She's a lady actually, haha. She's from Lousiana and she dated a member before and now recently moved in right by the missionaries in Friendswood so she feels like the church keeps poppin up in her life. She has come to church twice now and is so outgoing! It gets the members way excited and they're more outgoing because of it. She was going to take us out to lunch today for cajun food but President called for a 'rained in' day today due to a bad storm going down and we can't be out on the roads. There was hard rain all night and this morning. We also got a text from President saying that one missionary car is down because someone took it through a deep puddle and wrecked it. Kind of stinks, but were okay with it. More time to do chores that never seem to get done and write letters and such.

We also have an investigator named Dan, thats pretty sweet. Hes in his 30's and he's very religioius and has been active in his church for a while. We taught the gospel of Christ lesson to him the other day, which is faith, repentance, baptism, holy ghost and enduring to the end. Our goal was to establish our purpose more with him. Help him see where we envision this going. I think we explained pretty clearly we're here to help him be made clean from sin and prepare for baptism. He wasn't offended either, took it well and said a powerful closing prayer for us.

We also work with many less active families here and they are all so different, haha, keeps you on your toes. Everyone has got a personality here. The active families here are amazing, they adore their missionaries. They feed us just as much as my last ward. I feel like I'll fit right in and feel at home. We can always stop by to get to know them more and share a message. Im meeting lots of people that either are from Sandy or know people in Draper and Sandy. Pretty cool!

Love you tons,

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