Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Alvin Texas, Week 39: June15, 2015 - June 21, 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015

So, this week was not expected!!! There was no new missionary that came in. President told us that the elder we were going to train went home. Made me sad because I wanted him to come. And, made me even more sad that he stopped serving. Also, the Astros game that we planned on having a good ol time at didnt happen as well.. That was rough. It was raining, blowing and thundering so hard that President told us it would be best to not go. It actually wasn't bad here in Alvin, just rained a little bit. But every surrounding city was nuts. It was kinda cool though because instead we got to camp out at the stake center because President didn't want us out. We all brought up our stuff and had lunch and played sports and watched movies.

Bill did not end up being baptized this week unfortunately. He's been out of contact. We think he might be nervous to talk to us since he's been out of contact and knew he had a baptismal goal for last weekend. So, maybe he'll talk to us more now that he knows our first goal won't work but that we can give it another and better try.

One really cool thing that did change about our companionship is that Elder Havea became my district leader! It's way fun because we can do all our leadershippy stuff together now. We get reports from the missionaries together so we can talk about plans and how to help the district. We actually had the chance to do our first baptismal interviews together! I forgot that that was another one of our leadership responsibilities until the sisters called us and asked if we could interview one of their investigators. I was pretty nervous. I realize I basically take the place of a bishop and become a judge in Israel! So, I had my interview, it went really well. The investigator is super ready. He had a long journey and was taught forever. He just struggled with the word of widsom and finally got that taken care of. It was good to hear about how he finally gave everything up. He was super talktive too. It was funny because I had to keep him on track of the baptismal interview questions because he was just so excited to tell me his whole life story. So, the next day Elder Havea had his first interview too. It was awesome because I got to go with him and help him understand they aren't as scary as they seem. He interviewed a young kid that has autism. it was such a neat experience. The spirit was so strong because the kid still knew the gospel so well and Elder Havea was so good with him and asking the questions more simple and helping him feel excited.

We met with Eric a couple times this week. It's gonna be hard but he can possibly still make his baptism this week. If not, next week. He needs to be married too. He's been talking to his girlfriend about it. We told him Bishop could do it for free and it would be quite easy and he was happy to hear. Karen is doing way well. We are going to see her tonight. She still hasn't accepted a baptism date but were going for that tonight. She is reading tons still and is just so curious it makes it so easy to teach. A lot times she asks questions that lead into the lesson right as we get there and it works out perfectly.

Im super excited because President Ashton is about to go home and we're having a final zone conference tomorrow! It's sad he's leaving, but he's gonna rock our socks with some amazing training and stories he's never told us yet, save the best for last. But things are going really well out here. Elder Havea and I are super determined to get a lot done. We also met some new investigators. One is way solid as his name is Asa. He's got tattoos from head to toe. He is super nice and really smart too. He already learned a ton about the church from friends and so when we taught him the Restoration he kept saying " I believe that for sure, that just makes sense!" I also got a new bed today. Our apartment got inspected by the office missionaries a while ago and they said they'll come back soon and get us a whole new bed set, box spring, mattress and bed frame because ours were kinda lame. So, that's what went down this morning and I'm excited to see how much of a diffrence it makes.

Love and miss you,

Elder Janz

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