Saturday, March 7, 2015

Memorial City, Week 22: February 16, 2015 - Feb 22, 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015 

Things are still great with my new companion. Elder Christensen is coming right along. Role-playing is actually awesome. It really helps, I think. We role-played how to invite people to church, read and other things and how we need to show that it’s Christ really inviting, not us. Elder Christensen said he hates to role-play. I did too until now. But he obviously grew from it because he invited a family we had dinner with last night to read and did it the right way. Elder Christensen is also bearing good testimony in lessons. We just need him to talk a little more. One thing that could help is if he asks questions to the people we’re teaching. Then, you get to know them more, know what you can say in response and so on.

Had a solid week this week! We got a new investigator named Margerie. We had a super first lesson and she came to church too! She accepted to be baptized in the first lesson. Tonight were going to extend a date to be baptized. She’s really funny. She’s from Cameroon and very eccentric and emotional.

So it’s just us in the apartment, my comp and I. That’s how its always been. It’s just a one bedroom. We biked a tooonnnn this week. We’re trying to save miles because they only give us a certain amount to drive each month. I now get my haircut at a member’s house (he used to cut his own with clippers). He’s way cool. I got my haircut this Friday actually. He’s cut Dwight Howard’s hair before (he plays center for the Houston Rockets) and other NBA stars because he used to be a popular barber in LA and San Fran. So, my go to for breakfast has got to be eggs. I love the eggs and plus I need that protein after a big workout! Then next is oatmeal. Those two are perfect in the morning. Lunch is whatever, usually leftovers or sandwiches. Dinner, I’d say, is Mac‘n Cheese or Rice-a-Roni. That is insane that Matt is following his brother and dad, three in a row to the same place. Wow. those people in Dallas must love Christensen’s. I’m glad Conner is meeting with the stake president, that’s good. His papers are all done and just needa get them to SLC. We'll know where he’s headed soon! 

Love you!

Elder Janz

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